Gutter Cleaning FAQ

FAQs Frequently asked questions

Q   I live in a terrace house with a shared downpipe?

A   We can clear just your gutter run if need be, but better to speak to your neighbour as we can give discounts to both.

Q   Do I need to be in at home for you to clear my gutters?

A   No we are entirely self-sufficient. Provided we have free access around your property. Remember to leave gates unlocked!

Q   I have a dog or other pet?

A   No problem: all we ask is your pet is safe and kept out of our way. Dogs should be housed indoors. We cannot take responsibility for lost pets if a gate is open!

Q   When can I have my gutters cleared?

A   We will, where possible fit your property in at your convenience. However to obtain joint neighbour or area discounts our office will task work at times to suit us.

Q    Do we have insurance?

A   Yes full £2million third party cover.