Commercial Gutter Cleaning Telford

Commercial gutter cleaning Telford

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We use the latest and most efficient equipment, purpose built for gutter clearance in and around buildings with large gutter runs such as commercial offices and industrial units.

We work for: multi-nationals, surveyors, housing trusts, estate and block managers, local authorities and schools.

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Completely self-contained

A high performance wet and dry vacuum system driven by triple motors makes short work of the largest of tasks. The vacuum unit powers a rigid but lightweight, easy to manage carbon fibre lance with a selection of tool attachments to match the gutter structure and the type of debris encountered. A CCTV camera allows the operator to continually monitor progress and assure a thorough job is completed. The system operates comfortably to heights of up to three storeys. We carry our  own generator for power supply and ALL debris is safely and tidily taken into the vacuum collector.

Fast and efficient gutter cleaning Telford

The process is fast and efficient and will deal with all kinds of collected debris:

  • Leaves, including wet and compacted leaves
  • Plant debris, accumulated moss and grass
  • Birds nests and accumulated bird droppings
  • Brick and roof tile debris

Your building insurance

With building surveyors recommending annual gutter clearing it makes sense to ensure your gutters do not contain hidden dangers. Any such problems may adversely affect full recovery of any insurance loss.

 Telford commercial gutter cleaning

Additional services

In addition to gutter cleaning we offer a range of additional services including:

  • CCTV pre-surveys to evaluate the type of debris that is accumulated and to evaluate any particular circumstances that may require special treatment or equipment
  • CCTV post survey inspections to provide video/photographic confirmation of complete cleaning and for confirmation to external parties, e.g. insurers

** It should be noted that very rarely do we meet circumstances that are beyond the routine operation of our equipment.

So how much does it cost?

The self contained, ground based nature of the GUTTERCLEAR service makes it a very cost effective solution in clearing any gutter.

Unfortunately industrial and commercial gutters vary greatly with type, size and location and as such an indication of cost from this website is currently not possible.

Contact us for a firm telephone quotation or complete the quote enquiry on our contact page.


One off or regular contract can be quoted for free.


We work with and sub-contract to registered housing associations and retirement housing developments. Please enquire for details.


Large residential estates and block of flats can be worked effectively. Various options are available so please ask us for details. We would be happy to call you back.