Female Window Cleaner Telford

Female Window Cleaner Telford Shropshire

female window cleaner telford shropshire

“Sometimes people are more at ease having a female window cleaner

Complete Home Services based in Telford Shropshire are well known throughout Shropshire and the West Midlands for supplying high quality window cleaning services to both the public and commercial sector.

Female Window Cleaning Services

However recently they have added another service to their business, that of being able to offer the services of a female window cleaner.

People sometimes are more at ease with the fact that their wife, mother or grandmother will feel more at ease having a female window cleaner, than they would have done with a male. Other benefits are that with a female window cleaner, she is able to do work at homes or buildings where perhaps there are young females or buildings that are used as refuges, where perhaps a male workman may not be wanted.

Female Window Cleaner

Jem is our female window cleaner is able to clean windows upto and including a height of 35 feet. So is able to reach most 3 storey houses or houses with dormer windows and skylights.

So whether you need your house windows cleaned or an office or other building – and need a female window cleaner why not call us free today

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